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10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

PSALM 41 ( A Doxology of Individual Lament )
MARK 2: 1-12 ( Crowds awed by Jesus' healing 'forgiveness' of a Paralytic )

Pastor Mark Applewhite's Office Hours are 10-12NOON, Tuesdays.

43 more days to EASTER, Sunday, April 4th/A DEVOTION


"It may be taken as a rule for the correct reading of Scripture that the readers should never identify themselves with the person who is speaking in the Bible.  It is not I who am angry, but God;  it is not I giving comfort, but God; it is not I admonishing, but God admonishing in the Scriptures.  Of course, I will be able to express the fact that it is God who is angry, God who is giving comfort and admonishing, by speaking not in a detached, monotonous voice, but only with heartfelt involvement, as one who knows tha I myself am being addressed.  However, it will make all the difference between a right and a wrong way of reading Scripture if I do not confuse myself with, but rather quite simply serve, GOD.  "Dietrich Bonehoeffer's LIFE TOGETHER, General Editor, Wayne Whitson Flloyd Jr. Minneapolis, MN: FORTRESS PRESS, 1996, p. 64.