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Lent: 3rd day


Pastor Mark Applewhite's Office Hours are 10-12NOON, Tuesdays 
45 more days to EASTER, Sunday, April 4th 
" For those who want to hear, reading the biblical books in a sequential order forces them to go, and to allow themselves to be found, where God has acted once and for all for the salvation of humans beings.  The historical books of the Holy Scriptures come alive for us in a whole new way precisely when theyh are read during worship services.   We receive a part of that which once took place for our salvation.  Forgetting and losing ourselves, we too pass through the RED SEA [translated also as REED SEA], through the desert, across the Jordon into the promised land.  With Israel we fall into doubt and unbelief and through punishment and repentance experience again God's help and faithfulness.  All this is not mere reverie, but holy, divine reality.   We are uprooted from our own existence and are taken back to the holy history of God on earth.  There God has dealt with us, and there God still deals with us today, with our needs and our sins, by means of the divine wrath and grace.  What is important is not that God is a spectator and participant inour life today, but that we are attentive listeners and participants in God's action in the sacred story, the story of Christ on EARTH. "Dietrich Bonehoeffer's LIFE TOGETHER, General Editor, Wayne Whitson Flloyd Jr. Minneapolis, MN: FORTRESS PRESS, 1996, p. 62.