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Lent: 8th day


Pastor Mark Applewhite's Office Hours are 10-12NOON, Tuesdays 
39 more days to EASTER, Sunday, April 4th


"Work puts human beings in the world of things.  It requires achievement from them.  Christians step out of the world of personal encounter into the world of impersonal things, the "IT";  and this new encounter frees them fro objectivity, for the world of the IT is only an instrument in the hands of God for the purification of Christians from all self-absorption and selfishness.  The work of the world can only be accomplished where people forget themselves, where they lose themselves in a cause, reality, the task, the IT.  Christians learn at work to allow the task to set the bounds for them.  Thus, for them, work becomes a remedy for the lethargy and laziness of the flesh.   The demands of the flesh die in the world of things.  But that can only happen where Christians break through the IT to the "YOU" of  GOD, who commands the work and the deed and makes them serve to liberate Christians from themselves."
Dietrich Bonehoeffer's LIFE TOGETHER, General Editor, Wayne Whitson Flloyd Jr. Minneapolis, MN: FORTRESS PRESS, 1996, p. 75.