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Pastor's Update 

Now may the Lord of peace . . . give you peace at all times in all ways
2 Thessalonians 3.16
The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
The second letter to the Thessalonians was written on the same theme as the first: the imminent return of Jesus and the triumphal resolution of God’s plan for all creation.  The need for a second letter, though, arose from growing uneasiness, frustration and fear with the church from those who thought this was supposed to have happened already.  God’s time was not the Thessalonians time.  As a result, fear and hopelessness gripped the church, resulting in divisions, mistrust, and dismay that began to sap the church of its vibrant ministry.  Paul writes to encourage their continued faith and sure hope.  In the midst of divisions and discord, he claims a God of peace who can bring peace at all times in all ways.
The church of every time and place wrestles with the distance between our timeframe and expectations and God’s.  In God’s time, even the small seeds we plant can grow into sturdy trees.  In God’s time, the fears we carry can be transformed into new partnership and hope.  In God’s time, our expectations can be expanded and surpassed by God’s faithfulness.
The 2019 Peace and Global Witness Office encourages the church of our time to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division, and embrace our reconciling God’s mission to those around the corner and around the world.  It is boundless peace God offers.  It burst through the shackles of time and expectation.  It quiets the anxiety of each believer by joining us together as we offer our prayer, Now may the Lord grant us peace in all time in all ways.
Pastor Jeannine

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