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Pastor's Update 

Summer Sun
     A couple of weeks ago, Peter and I were walking home after our 30th wedding anniversary dinner.  As we turned the corner from Bay Street to the wharf in Sag Harbor, we looked toward The Sound and saw the sun framed beautifully between the sailing boats and buildings as it was setting.
     We couldn’t help but pause and take it in.  The beauty of that moment reminded me of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “Summer Sun.”  In it he says,
         “Great is the sun, and wide he goes
         Through empty heaven with-out repose;
         And in the blue and glowing days
         More thick than rain he showers his rays.
         Though closer still the blinds we pull
         To keep the shady parlour cool,
         Yet he will find a chink or wo
         To slip his golden fingers through”
    Then it dawned on me.  I love the sun for its sheer beauty, and also because there is always a way of “slipping golden fingers through” every hidden nook and cranny, every chilly and dim evening of the soul.  I rely on it.
     This is one more phenomenon that reenergizes my love of God.  Every so often, when I’m not feeling particularly open to things spiritual, God always seems to find a way to inspire my gratitude and humility.  Through a small opening to the closed blinds of my soul, I feel God’s presence and I know that God is faithful, still.  Even through a scant peek-a-boo view, God radiates love and joy whenever dispiritedness may be.
     We all have times we feel we can’t quite open the blinds to our souls to let God in.  The good news is that God always finds the “chink or two” through which God radiates love and warmth and renewal into our lives.
     As we witness the summer sun, may the grace of God’s Son be with you and among us.
Pastor Jeannine

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